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In case of any personnel requirements from Nepal, the employer is required to provide with detail information denoting the numbers of workers required, salary and other benefits. Once both parties are agreed, a recruitment agreement will be signed with detailed terms and conditions (where possible). In order to start your recruitment order with ROYAL OVERSEAS NEPAL, you are required to submit the following document to this company, addressed to, as per rules and regulations of the country concerned to meet the government formalities:

Recruiting License No: 166/056/57

Dear Sir (s),

With reference to my/our power of attorney executed by me/us in your favor, we hereby request you to kindly supply the following personnel to work in our organization:

S. No Job Title No. Of Person Salary Per Month

Other Terms and conditions:
  • Accommodation - Free bachelor accommodation.
  • Food - Free or self.
  • Working Hours – 8 hrs and working Days - 6 days.
  • Passage - Free round trip air ticket.
  • Transportation - Free (While on working).
  • Other facilities such as medical insurance, accidental insurance, and annual leave etc. according to the Labor Law of the country concerned.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully, (signed by the authorized person of the company)

Attested in the country of employment by Signature & Seal with
  • The Chamber of Commerce
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Labor
  • Royal Nepalese Embassy (optional)

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Know by all these present that I/We duly authorized there to be the power granted to me by M/S ROYAL OVERSEAS NEPAL (PVT.) LTD holding Government approved recruiting license all the affairs concerning recruitment and passages of the manpower demanded, such as registration of demand with the Department of Labor and permission and clearance, etc. from the same department after the payments of necessary fees, etc., if any, and to sign all the necessary documents required for the purpose of recruitment and passage of the required personnel and arrange their passports, visa and passages against visa No. ………………………. Dated ………………………… for ………………………………………. Number of personnel.

Attested in the Country of employment by Signature & Seal with

1. The Chamber of Commerce of Address of employer
2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Ministry of Labor
3. Royal Nepalese Embassy (optional

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This Employment agreement is made on this 24/07/2004 day between "GULF FRENCH COMPANY" on behalf of M/S AL-DIWAN AL-MALAKI GENERAL TRADING COMPANY. Address fahad Al-Salem st- Rashed Bldg.,Kuwait city, Kuwait. Here in after called the employer.


Mr.__________________________ Passport No: ___________Nationality Nepal has
Here in after called the employee.

Wherein it is agreed as follows:

1. Position: According to Demand
2. Duration of Contract:2 Years
3. Monthly Basic Salary: ..........US/SR/QR/DHS/RM/KD/BD/HKD/EURO
4. Air Passage:Provided by company
5. Accommodation: Provided by company.
6. Food: Provided by Company
7. Duty Hours: 8 hours per day,6 day in week
8. Overtime and other benefits: As per labor law of the Employer Country.
9. Annual Leave: 30 days
10. Holidays: According to company rule
11. Termination: After completion of Contract
12. Other terms & conditions not
       Mentioned above:

According to company rule.

Signature of the Employer
(With Company Seal)
Signature of the Employee

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This Agreement is made on between M/S …………………Address…………….Herewith called THE EMPLOYER as FIRST PATRY & M/S ROYAL OVERSEASNEPAL (P.) LTD. Govt. approved recruiting License No 166/056/57 Kathmandu, Nepal. G.P.O.Box No: 21782 Tel: +977 1- 4- 421156/ 4-432244 Herewith called The Recruiting Agency as SECOND PARTY

Whereas The First Party is carrying on employments business in Israel
Whereas The Second Party is carrying on Manpower recruitment business in Nepal.

The Terms & conditions of the agreement are as follows:

  • Both Parties agreed to mobilize Nepalese workers of skilled, semi - skilled & un -skilled for The FIRST PARTY.
  • First Party will procure manpower demand for Second Party and Second party will recruit required workers for first party. First Party to second Party in writing will inform nature of work of required workers.

  • Now First Party will recruit Nepalese workers for its organization through second party and second party agreed to recruit the said requirement as per given terms & conditions.

  • After placing proper job order, second party will complete proper medical with sufficient validity and other relevant formalities for visa as per instruction of the First party.

  • Second party will arrange to recruit workers on the basis of terms & conditions given by First Party.

  • First Party will be responsible to provide proper job with proper terms & conditions for the recruits. If any recruit repatriated due to non-availability of agreed facilities the First Party will bear repatriation charge. After getting proper job with due facilities if any recruit refuses to work and if he is repatriated for this reason then second party will bear repatriation charges.

  • Second Party will arrange ticketing and proper reservation of recruits as per agreement within due date.

  • If First Party sees need of interview the Second Party will arrange interview for final selection of workers.

  • If there happens and natural calamities or any natural disaster, then that will be considered by both the Parties.

  • If there arises and dispute between two parties then an arbitration will be done to solve the dispute, if not solved by arbitration then this will be referred to court and the decision of the court will be final and binding to both parties.

THEREFORE, in presence of following witness both parties signed this agreement on the date mentioned below:

This agreement have been signed by both parties at the Date on__________________

Company Name Royal Overseas Nepal
Authorize Person Mr.Tika Niroula,
Designation Chief Executive
First Party Second Party
Company Seal

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The Ministry of Labour
Department of Labour
Kathmandu Nepal



For our Projects in …(Country….) We are recruiting the Nepali worker from ROYAL OVERSEAS NEPAL Gov. no. 166/056/057 Established in Kathmandu Nepal. We have sent the proper Demand Latter, Power of Attorney, Salary agreement latter and Agency contract paper attested by the entire department.

We herby very honestly assuring you that we will utilize these Nepali Manpower only for our ongoing project in our established company (……..…….country). We will not send these workers to any other country except our country.

With best regards
Authorized person
Post designation
Company seal

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