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Nepal, the Sovereign, independent kingdom, having a population of about 23 million, lies between - east longitude and - north latitude. It is landlocked country, sandwiched between China and India. It is bounded in the north by Tibet Autonomous Region of People's Republic of China, in the east by Sikkim and West Bengal and in the south by Bihar and Utter Pradesh and west by Utter Pradesh of India. The length of the Kingdom is 880kms from east west and its breadth varies from 144kms to 241kms. with its area of about 1,47,191sq.km.

It is a country of amazing extremes. There are the world's highest mountains including Mt. Everest, which is 8848 meters high, towering above populated valleys and forested plains. The fauna and flora of Nepal are not only spectacular but also unique. Its high mountains and lush valleys are ideal places for a visit by nature lovers once in a lifetime.

Nepal has a long glorious history. Its civilization can be trace back to thousand of years before the birth of Christ. Gautam Buddha, founder of Buddhism was born in a place called Lumbini - Nepal in Shakya dynasty. Modern Nepal is an amalgamation of the number of clans which had independent entities in the past like Mallas, Lichchavis, Shah and many others. Nepal is the home of various ethnic and racial groups. Nepalese are either indo-Aryans or Mongoloids or a mixture of both races.

Nepal is the homeland of the world famous Gurkhas and the Great Himalayas with Mount Everest towering above the rest of the Himalayas. We are located between China and India with a population of nearly 20 million people. Predominantly Nepal is an agricultural country with above 81 percentage of total population engaged in farming. But this trend is fast changing with the change in the world. Nepal is abundant in natural resources and very beautiful by nature along with its unique culture and traditions, which have all, contributed to the development of tourism in this country. Trekking in the mountainous region of the Himalayas has enchanted many a traveler. Keeping in time with the fast growing and changing world, Nepalese workers have also started to seek foreign employment as a source for their support.

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